Thursday, July 3, 2008


Welcome to my web log. Here can be found my musing and experiences abroad and at home. Aside from the lewd title, you shall not find any knobs or the polishing thereof because, frankly, it's a private matter. For the select population who will actually read this, I commend you. You have the patience to slog through my ill-conceived plans and my half-finished ideas; and apparently you have nothing better else to do, so you must live pretty sad lives. In fact, the idea of me spending time writing this is sad in and of itself.
This blog may or may not follow a particular format, so do not try to think that it flows linearly. I make many tangents, call up past memories and sometimes rant about something that has nothing to do with anything. So, if I go off on how we can get off oil (we can) or how the orange I ate for breakfast had too many seeds, do not be surprised. These may have nothing to do with Poland, oh and by the way, the log is mostly about Poland, but I'm the one writing and probably the only one reading it, so the whole this is akin to talking to a wall.
Feel free to point out grammatical errors, failings in logic, or background information. If you should respond with a moronic post that could have been written by a twelve-year old with ADHD, it will most likely be deleted.

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