Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Cell Phone Matters

Here's an odd story:

I rarely use my cell phone and am very discriminatory to whom I give it out.  One fine day, this passing Sunday, the day after Valentine's Day, I got two messages from a number I didn't recognize.  The first read:
Nie boje się (I am not afraid)
The second one read:
Jeszcze zobaczymy
(We shall see, Whore (or fuck!))
Now, this is a little unsettling.  Not only have I never met this person (presumably) but why is s/he calling me a whore?  I wrote back, diplomatically:
What the fuck?!
Kto to jest?
(Who is this?)
Whoever it was disregarded my inquisitions and said (the following day):
Teraz nie moge pisać
(I can't write right now)
OK, so s/he can't write right now; I'll play the waiting game.  I was rewarded several hours later with:
Ewelina do mnie wczoraj pisałaś dlatego nie mogłem
(Ewelina, you wrote to me yesterday, that's why I couldn't)
This was getting really bizarre.  I found out he's a 'he' and lacks grammar so his message isn't exactly clear to comprehend.  Am I Ewelina?  I replied:
Ale, kto jestes?
Czy znam cie?
Jak sie nazywa?
(But, who are you?  Do I know you?  What is your name?)
Sane questions, right?  Well, they were disregarded and he sent:
Cześć síostra ty wczoraj do mnie pisałaś na telefon wieczorem dlatego nie pisałem
(Hi, sister.  You wrote to me yesterday on the telephone, in the evening, there for I didn't write.)
This is fucking weïrd.  I happened to run out of money on my phone, so I couldn't reply.  This guy kept on sending me messages:
Jesteś jeszcze na mnie zła kochanie
(You are still mad at me, Love)
Kochanie odpisz
(Love, write back.
Well!!!  His name is Michal.  He hasn't sent me anymore messages, but I still think it's awfully strange.


Anonymous said...

Jak sie nazywa? - she/he

Jak się nazywasz? - you

so in your case, the last one is correct.

Don't worry, that was Michał or cell operator mistake!

Next time write better:
Pomyłka / Mistake
Jestem facetem / I'm a guy
Zły numer / Wrong number

PolishMeKnob said...

Ah, yes, I sometimes (oh, who am I kidding?) …ALL the time forget to conjugate correctly.

The thing was, when I first got it, I thought it might be someone I knew who was drunk (there are people, whom I know, whose numbers I don't have in my phone.) Or a friend of a friend who found my number in my friend's phone and was texting me out of spite or something (I don't know; it could happen.)
Plus, I could only get off two messages before I ran out of money. I thought the "Who are you?" would be sufficient.