Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Kinder Surprise Found!

Well, when I listed Kinder Surprises as things that Poland has, which I can't find in the US, I didn't think I would find them so soon. But, here is a picture of Kinder Surprises in a Boston store. I was quite 'surprised' to see these; mostly because I haven't seen any other Kinder products. Also, a quick look to the Wikipedia page told me that Kinder Surprises are apparently illegal to be sold in the US. Isn't that interesting?
Kinder Surprise Boston

Now, I'll be on my way to find the other objects I listed.


Anonymous said...

Nice to find another interesting Polish blog. Looking forward to seeing more.

Clive Hayden said...

I just gave my son and his girlfriend one of the large Kinder Surprise Eggs for Easter. The only downside was that they both had the same gift inside. A rolling rubber stamp.

I used to collect the toys from the small eggs and put them on display in my office. It created quite a stir as I was the President of an old comunist type company. Just one of the things I did to try to deformalise things.