Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Back in Action

Well, it's been a long several months, but I'm back in Poland's borders.

I flew over on British Airlines, and I must say that I am not impressed. OK, their seats are fairly comfy, but the rest of the experience was less than great and they charged me $110 in bag fees (can you believe that shit?)
As usual, I was doomed to have the center seat on both flights next to the most horrible people on the plane (not counting screaming babies.) The entertainment system also crashed an hour into the flight and needed to be rebooted. I must say though, Surrogates and X-Men Origins: Wolverine were both pretty awful. I gave up bread for Lent, so I wasn't able to have the little roll that usually accompanies airline cuisine.

Going through Customs was the quickest ever and my bags were some of the first onto the carousel. The bus arrived shortly after I got to the stop. Unfortunately, the bus driver only had 1.10zl in change (a one-trip ticket (bilet jednorazowy) is 2.80zl) and all I had were a 10zl note and a 5zl coin. I eventually just gave him the 5zl and he gave me 1.10zl in change (the whole thing pissed him off good.)

I was told by numerous Poles that the weather was freezing and that snow drifts were high. The temp today and yesterday was in the fifties and the sun was bright and shining.
Now to get back some students and find a real job.

Now, after a good night's rest, I've planted most of my seeds which will be grown on the balcony. No cucumbers this year, but the tomatoes and the morning glories will be back in force.


Jackson said...

Good to see you posting again. I'd be curious what your thoughts are on how your friends view of the winter olympics. Noticed a Polish guy got second in the ski jumping and the crowd was very pro-Polish, or at least the Polish fans were making the most noise. The guy's last name was Malish (spelled phonetically because I'm horrible with all those consonants).

PolishMeKnob said...

It's Małysz (Mao-wish is how I'd pronounce it.) Yeah, he's pretty famous here in Poland. He's a household name and a minor national hero. Mostly because he's one of the few Poles that are on the top of their sports.

I don't have a TV here (or in the US) so I watch stuff online. It's streamed usually by a British bloke, so I see the Eurosport and BBC feeds, which are quite good.
In 2008, the only bit of the Olympics I got to see was some Pole getting bronze in fencing, and they played that clip about fifteen times within an hour.

Justyna Kowalczyk has won a couple of medals (half of what the Polish contingent has come up with; Malysz has the other two.)

I'll be posting a thing on this later, but there is something I'd like to address in Polish sports. Most Poles are avid soccer fans, but the Polish national soccer team rarely gets anywhere (they did well in the World Cup some decades back.) It seems Poland doesn't really invest very much in its sports (although, their handball and volleyball teams always do well. Also, there are Poles on other countries' teams (most notably, Germany) which is something of both a painful and prideful point.)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I know this sounds bad but I've been in Wroclaw for 2 years and haven't met any americans- I am from Miami. :) It's ok but I miss talking about US, using English and chatting in general. If u guys r still in Wro I would really appreciate it if let me know. My email is laurazarian@yahoo.com. TTYL

Anonymous said...

Oh and sorry I forgot to mention I'm Laura :)