Saturday, March 27, 2010

Egg Hunt!

Tomorrow, the hunt for the E. Wedel golden egg will commence. I'll be showing someone around Warsaw, so I won't partake in the fun (ain't that a bitch?) E. Wedel, the confectioner (chocolate company) is holding the competition in a few cities throughout Poland: Warsaw, Gdansk, and Warsaw. The egg (pisanka) is made out of real gold and valued at around 6000PLN. Treasure hunters have to register by in Plac Zamkowy, where they're given a map and clues. Every day, there is a new clue on Wedel's website, giving an inkling to where the egg will be stashed.

By the way, I think E. Wedel is now going to become part of Kraft. Wedel was taken over by Cadbury, which was recently taken over by Kraft.

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