Friday, April 2, 2010

Wiosna Jest Radosna!

Spring has sprung! The weather has turned from slightly chilly to down right balmy, and I am kind of loving it. I do enjoy winter, but it's great to get the plants on the balcony for some full sun. The surprising thing was how quickly the weather turned; one week it snowy and wintery, they next week it was full-blown short season.
The time change helped too (spring forward.) A full week after the US went forward, Europe did as well, which meant that for a week we were only five hours apart. This can cause problems: I keep my computer on EST, so while I was doodling away on something I thought I was late for a lesson, only to realize when I got there that I was an hour early. I was fortunate that it worked out, but whatever. Plus, now I can get up early for the sunrise and have a later-setting day.

Actually, I can't wait for the botanical gardens to re-open.

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