Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Warsaw Cleans Up Its Act (And Becomes The Capital of Cleanliness)

Warsaw has declared war on dog poop and litterbugs, two of the cities prominent institutions.  Actually, while Warsaw was never terrible for litter (unlike Ireland, see here what I mean) it was 'notorious' for its lax standards towards dog shit.  Warsaw is a very green city and most denizens live rather close to sort of park or street lined with grass.  Dog droppings are almost universally tolerated and I have almost never seen anyone pick up after his dog.  Many of the city's parks are virtual leach fields.  It can be a little gross after the the snow melts and all the frozen turds lying in the snow speckle the ground.  That's all changed.
My guess is that with the impending EuroCup 2012, Warsaw is trying to shed its image of being a gray, dirty city full of depressing, backward people (see the previous post on allowing the EuroPride march.)  Well, we can't say that every effort to improve is because of the EuroCup (and this one would probably have happened sans tournament anyway, but I'm sure it helps.)  So, dotted along its main streets, where people are apt to walk their canines, are stations offering free poop baggies and a place to dispose of them.

For those of you who didn't know how it's done.

Poop, all gone.

Dog owners aren't the only ones being told to clean up their act: litterbugs and non-recyclers have also come under fire.  The city has erected cans with different depositories for clear glass, colored glass, paper, and plastic, in an effort to be a little more environmentally conscious (I do believe these are also funded by Norway Grants.  Thank you, Norway.)  The stations have appeared outside almost all the metro exits (there are no trash cans in the metro stations or on the metro platforms themselves.)
Warsaw is the capital of cleanliness.


AnaVar said...

Finally! It's really annoying for kids that play around.

PolishMeKnob said...

Hi, thanks for reading my blog.

Well, the kids are almost as bad as the dogs in terms of defecating everywhere. (The drunks are the worst.)

Dr. Detroit said...

About time. I hope that when I take my kids to show them Poland, dodging the dog poo will be one of the least of our problems. BTW, Paris (or at least its suburbs) has a similar problem, so Poland's not the only one.

PolishMeKnob said...

Really? Paris? I always thought it was so clean.

But really, parents let their little kids crap all over place. The drunks do it quite a bit as well.

Dr. Detroit said...

Yeah, the central parts are clean, but out in the periphery of Paris, you're dodging the landmines. I commented about this to my cousin who lives there. She told me that the French love their dogs, and they let them do whatever.

Speaking of drunks--do you still see a lot of them in Poland? I remember during my last visit (5-y ago) that I didn't see anyone stumbling about in broad daylight, and the only public drinking went on at the tables near the beer booths. These guys were of course "żule," but they weren't at least making a spectacle.