Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Most Glorious Spring

Spring has sprung in Poland.  It sprang over a month ago at the end of April.  There were balmy, sunny days in the high-sixties with a slight breeze.  You could walk outside in a T-shirt, but not sweat (and no bugs!)  For one night in the beginning of May, we had a snowstorm.  It howled and everyone was impressed, but left no snow on the ground.  Hopefully, it killed off all the bugs, so black flies and mosquitos will be significantly less pesky this year (one can always hope.)
Now, it's raging into full-on summer.  I've just come inside from the glaring sunshine (reading on the balcony.  I have Kapuscinski's Imperium.)  Coming inside and letting your eyes adjust is something actually rather strange.  It's as if you're wearing sunglasses inside, everything is unnaturally shade.  Then, as the pupils dilate and open up, everything becomes more clear.  The human body is such a neat and wonderful thing.

The noueveau-style of apartment blocks with rooftop terraces and gardens.

Enjoying the sunshine.
The lilacs!  Oooooh, the lilacs.  Heavenly they are.  And this spring they are out in full glory.  Each bush is weighed down under the bunches upon bunches upon bunches or wonderfully scented lilacs.  I often pick them at work and welcome anyone to smell them.  Sometimes, I compose poems and verses about them.

Lilacs come in a variety of colors and scents.

The lilac bunch up close.

The bushes are filled with them.



Nom de Plume said...

Those forgetmenots are cute!

vector said...

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Lon said...

Hey great post on spring. Hey I will be in Warsaw the 2nd to 7th of Jun. Any interest in getting a beer with fellow American. Plan to move to Warsaw in August. Ciao


Buzbee said...

such pretty pictures

Sleemac said...

Hey, welcome to Poland, hopefully we wont end up making you run screaming :P

Andalia said...

i love theese flowers <3

Anonymous said...

I am also looking forward to summer! Except here where I live the weather is crazy! It feels like summer one day and winter the next...

Anonymous said...

Ta kobieta na balkonie wygląda na dość zmęczoną i zrezygnowaną. Zupełnie jak kiedyś moja matka, nie przymierzając. Niezależnie od tego czy jest głęboka komuna, czy świeży kapitalizm ludzie wychodzący na balkony w swoich blokach z jakichś przyczyn wyglądają tak samo. Smutnie i depresyjnie, jak bloki, w których się gnieżdżą. Co nas, zachodnich Słowian, tak w życiu męczy? Może to bycie tak daleko od domu?