Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chinese Lanterns in Lazienki

For the month of June, Aleja Chinska (China Avenue) has been bedecked with Chinese lanterns.  For nearly the whole length of Aleja Chinska, a pathway in Lazienki Krolewskie, Chinese lanterns hang from poles and are lit by CFCs to bring a little bit of Beijing to Warsaw.  The lanterns are funded by a donation from a state-owned Chinese mining company, Minmetals, and KGHM, a Polish copper and silver mining company.  Interestingly enough, LOT has also announced direct flights to Beijing from Warsaw, though how connected these are I don't know.  I just know that lanterns come about from the Chinese-Polish Economic Forum that wrapped up in Beijing last year.
The lanterns are lit daily in June, from 9:00 PM-11:00 PM, and on weekends throughout the rest of the summer.  There were also some shows and such in the amphitheater, but I didn't make it to those.

The lanterns along Aleja Chinska.

They mix it up sometimes.

A Chinese fish.

A view of the circle at the center of Aleja Chinska
Aleja Chinska (Note: 'aleja' can mean 'avenue' or 'boulevard', so I just went with 'avenue') is a wide walking path on the west side of the pond in Lazienki Park.  The stroll is rather pleasant, and the added ambiance of the 'lanterns' is nice (there are no flames here, just electricity).  Security personnel dressed in suits walk up and down the aleja as well, making sure that no one is foolish enough to try to grab himself a souvenir.  At mid-length of the aleja, a circular path, ringed by different lanterns charms, creates a nice place to stop and take a rest on the benches dotting the circumference.  A littler father on, a bridge is decorated with paper figures (little paper statues that are lit up), that are rather cartoony, but cute.  It'd be a really nice way to end a date, really.  It's the perfect walk walk on a warm night and while eating some ice cream.

One of the paper figures on the bridge.

A lantern with the moon in the background (through the trees).

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