Monday, August 30, 2010

Adventures in Telecom

A few months ago, I got a new phone and SIM card.  Ever since then, I've been plagued by a series of random phone calls that look not unlike:

I:  Hello?
Caller:  Hallo, Asia?
I:  Co?  Nie ma Asi.  Nie jestem.  Ona ma inny numer.
Caller:  Co?  Asia?  Asia?  Asia?  Co?  Kim jest?
I:  Nie ma Asi.  Nie znam Asię.  You have the wrong number.
Caller:  Co? Co?  [hang up]


I:  Hello?
Caller:  [An old lady babbling jibber-jabber too fast for me to comprehend.]
I:  Co?  Who are you?  Nie rozumiem.
Caller:  [Continues ranting for a moment, then hangs up.]

So, this happens every so often.  Usually the phone rings and I think to myself "Hooray!  Another gig!"  only to have some random person on the other babble on about someone whom I've never heard of or met. They always seem rather annoyed when they hang up.
But, I few days ago, I got a text that read:
Ja bartek a ty odp
(I: Bartek, and you ans[wer])

I duly wrote back:
Oki, Bartku.
(OK, darling Bartosz.)

He replied no too long ago with:
Kim jestes odp
(Who are you?  Ans[wer])  (His grammar is lacking.)

Now, I am waiting for him to reply to my:
Jestem Batmanem.  Co potrzebujesz?
(I am Batman.  What do you need?)

No reply yet.  Let's see how it goes.  It's not unlike this post about a year ago, which was over a similar event.
One of my many avenues of not being understood by the Poles.


Adamantium said...

I lolled hard. Trolling internationals, you must be pro :P

Ana Bee said...

send random text message - get an answer from batman.
best. day. ever.