Friday, June 17, 2011

Strawberry Time!

One thing I must say about Northern Europe, the produce comes to market far earlier than I am used to.
I come from a place where strawberries are only beginning in mid-June and are full fledged in the beginning of July.  In Poland, strawberries burst onto the scene in late May and early June.  Soon, every peddler on the street is hawking baskets of strawberries upon strawberries.  Cherries will follow in the coming weeks, and I am looking forward to that.
Selling strawberries out of a van.
 A traditional way to prepare the strawberries (besides jams and jellies) is to hull them, cut them, sprinkle them with sugar so they form a tart, sweet, chunky sauce of sorts.  This versatile way of prepping the strawberries allows them to be ladled over nalesniki (crepes) stuffed with cheese, put into fruit smoothies, and mixed with yogurt and cream and eaten with pasta.
Fresh-bought strawberries ready to be washed.


Some Guy said...

nice bro i love strawberries

nyaw said...

Nice one! Too bad strawberries don't grow so well in warmer places, like where I live. I'd love to grow some, just for my consumption. :)

ajuc said...

Pierogi z truskawkami (strawberry pierogi). You have to try them.

And then pierogi z jagodami.

Piotrek Dakanowski said...

I love strawberries with yogurt and sugar! It is the taste of my childhood.

Anonymous said...

it's very quiet here, why did you stop writing your blog?

Terence said...

Strawberries are so delious and I like them a lot.

PolishMeKnob said...

I stopped writing because a few factors. I'm starting it up now.
Strawberries are delicious. It's their time again!