Monday, July 30, 2012

Bialo-Czerwoni (The Red and Whites)

Immediately before, during, and after the Euro 2012, there was a sudden uptick in folks (mostly women) dressed with white tops and red bottoms.  This, of course, is the way the Polish flag is.  White and red also happen to be good summer colors and are attractive.
Anyway, it seemed that every second person I saw was wearing red and white (bottom and top, respectively), so I tried to do a little photo essay incognito (read: taking photos on my phone's crappy camera.  Even the settings were put done.  It was kind of creepy like, but don't blame me, I was doing it for reporting.)
Chilling in the subway.  Sporting the "Polish flag" look.

Another lass rocking the red and white.

I was pretending to text in the blazing sun while taking this one.

Hey!  Guys wear it too!

The whole red and white thing has kind of died down now, but it's still a very popular combination.
And again, I know these pictures just look kind of creepy, but I was trying to capture the trend.  We'll see if there's more to come.

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