Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Block is Hot

Poland's in a little bit of a summer heat wave, and I am loving it.

One thing gets me though:  all this time, I get countless inquiries as to why I'm living in Poland?  "Why Poland?"  they ask.  I usually reply, "Well, where else would I live?  Poland's a beautiful country."  They say, "Well, you could go to Spain."
"Spain?  What's so great about Spain?"
"The culture, the food, but mostly the climate.  The weather is warm all the time.  Poland is too cold for me."
And then, I shit you not, they start to bitch endlessly about how it's too hot (80-90º).  They go, "Oh, this weather is terrible for me.  Ach, it's awful.  Too hot!!!"  They complain about the warm weather in Poland, but ceaselessly talk about how great the weather is in Spain and how Poland is too cold.  When I bring this to their attention, they say, "Typical Polish."
Yes.  Yes it is.

Oh, and they put the AC on in the winter.  Can you believe that shit?


Geeks Paradise said...

I'd pick Poland over Spain any day. Cause I love sausage. And I mean that in a completely food-related way.

PolishMeKnob said...

I've never been to Spain, but I'm quite content with Poland. …for now.

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