Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cheburashka Goes On A Trip

One of my favorite things to come out of Russia is Cheburashka.  He's so adorable so I took him on a tour of Poland, Germany, and France.
Cheburashka having a drink with a pal.

Cheburashka is eager to start his trip!

Cheburashka got a bit thirsty.

Cheburashka gets detained by the TSA

Cheburashka peruses a fine selection in Duty Free.

Cheburashka rides the tram to Paris.

Morning breaks near Notre Dame du Paris.

Cheburashka gets in some prayer.

Cheburashka takes his rightful place as one of the Magi.

He says hello at Luxembourg Park.

The friends sleep.

Cheburashka is eager for Warszawa.

Cheburashka takes in Widzew Stadium.

Cheburashka works on his novel.

The Christmas spirit.

Cheburashka gets in some time at a textiles machine.

Crowd watching in Torun.

Cheburashka defeats the Teutonic Knights and razes their castle to the ground.

Cheburashka rides a donkey.

Cheburashka goes for a cuppa' at Same Fusy.

Cheburashka with the Jews of old.

Cheburashka looks out over Krakow.

Cheburashka finds a family.

Cheburashka on the 49th Parallel.

Cheburashka is snug.

Cheburashka and the Swans of Strasbourg.

Hmmmmm, even Cheburashka was confused by this logic.


Anonymous said...

Kiwaczek! That's polish name.

PolishMeKnob said...

Hey, thanks for telling me!
Most Poles I know only knew him by the name Cheburashka.
I actually got my Cheburashka from a Russian friend, and not a Polish one, so I've always just known him as such.