Friday, January 2, 2009


Happy New Years!!!!!!

Well, snow is falling on this fair city.  It's been a while in coming too.  There's not much, but there's enough to blanket the ground in a thin covering of white.  The trees are adorned with a festive powder (although this powder arrived more than a week too late to have a white Christmas.)  Even the piles of slush are a welcome sight.  I just love the "scrunch, scrunch, scrunch" feet make on freshly-fallen snow.
Snow has a restive quality to it.  It makes the city a little quieter, the nights and days a little calmer and more peaceful.  In Warsaw, it makes the slab concrete buildings look colder, harsher, but inside it makes the heater and comforters and cups of hot tea that much more warming.
There's been an awful haze for the past few days.  It cuts visibility down quite considerably, even on the sunniest of days.  Oh, this has also been the sunniest winter I've seen in Poland.
Snow falling in Ursynow.

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