Friday, June 12, 2009

These Days

Spring can be amazing: flowers blooming, birds returning, shorts and skirts getting smaller. But the weather here is starting to piss me off. First it starts out sunny and hot, then quickly converts to a downpour with lightning, then back to some semi-sunny haziness.

I felt a little ridiculous today when I offered a friend of mine the use of my shotgun, which currently resides in my permanently parked car outside my apartment in the States (he has the keys.) He lives in a sleazy area (no restaurant will deliver there) so I figured he could use the protection, and with a 3.5" slug he'd have enough firepower to liquidate a grizzly's skull. Anyway, I kind of felt like a hick.

Is everyone else loving this two-day bank holiday? I went shopping Wednesday night around 10PM and the place was mobbed. Everyone filling up on stuff before the holiday.

The EU elections were held recently, and I can tell you that I don't care in the least. I think it's shocking that the BNP actually gained a few seats with close to a million votes and an anti-EU party (the UK Independence Party) came in second.
The Law and Justice Party (Prawo i Sprawiedliwosc) of Kaczynski fame is still going strong. I don't know if that's good or bad news. I know plenty of Poles who hate that party and the Kaczynskis in particular. Whenever I ask why they always give vague answers like, "Because of their policies." or "Because of their behavior" or "Because of their arrogance." When I press them deeper they start a mental scramble and finally force something out about them bad-mouthing another party or something. Student G said that their platform of making Poland a strong national militarily was a sign of their arrogance. (I'm not joking, he really did say that.) I'll disavow any claims to being pro-PiS, but no one has made any real, convincing argument to why they're bad. (If you want, pray tell why, but leave out the anger.) In fact, I really fail to see the difference between PiS and PO.

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